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I am the second born of my family I have two younger ones and one elder and which
means we are four but I’m the only daughter I live with guys so i do behave like a guy,I
love my parents because they are caring but if I’m ask anywere that who did I love I
will tell them my dad because he buy me many playing things and even things that is
meaningful that of my age i don’t need it till I grow older and does not beat me he loves
me like no other maybe because I’m the only daughter all this time i was talking about i
was 5years old and besides my family is not rich at all we are just managing,my dad do
collect Ten thousands naira only as salary and we will go to school,buy food stuff,go out
and take cabs and many things more and my mum is not working because she’s like a
full house wife actually not that she wants that or my dad want her for that but where’s
the money to establish her business and she have no certificate we have to keep
pushing like that trying to figure out things and fix our puzzle that way and all of a
sudden my dad was sacked from work which makes us not managing anymore but are
now very poor I could remember how my siblings and I do eat biscuit everyday and
which makes that our morning food,garri in the afternoon and eba with spoilt soup at
night…..hmmmm what can we do we have no choice but to eat the spoilt soup even the
fact that we know that what we are eating is bad it change nothing we eat it with happy
mind and even the people that gave us that will even mock us tell people we are eating
spoilt food still it change evening a man told us to wash canopies for him
that his going to pay us we collected it, all of us (my family)we washed it the man came
to packed the canopies the following evening we were already happy we will eat good
food that night but it was just an imagination that never came to reality then because we
were not pay a KOBO in fact we were told to go and die we all cried that night and the
following week I came back from school and I saw my dad with travelling bag ask him
where he was going he said he wants to and work that we will be rich very soon I was
happy as a little child I dint understand he left that day three days we didn’t here from
him weeks upon weeks but one special day i woke up in the midnight I saw my mum
crying and praying bitterly calling my dad name i ask her what’s the problem there was
not answer then I joined her and my siblings did same thing….
we were left alone with our life I’m talking about years now we are used to it but one
precious day a woman called my mum to tell her that she wants to help her that she’s
going to be supplying her broken woods from sawmill I was happy thinking we are rich
already my mum accepted the offer we started selling woods to people to use and cook
they name us already calling us different type of names but we don’t care since we need
there money…
one evening I’m back from school already my mum was cutting a particular wood
with cutlass as usual before the cutlass cut off one of her toe I cried bitterly but we
treated it the money that was meant to eat but we need to treat her because she s our
only source,she was discharged from hospital we continue the business we could not
stop because we have no other means of living.And one particular day my mum
visafone phone rang she picked guess who it was my dad that have left us for ages he
begged and ask 4 forgiveness we were unable to forgive him before he ask us to send
our account number and he sent fifty thousand naira it was like millions of naira in our
face we were happy we started calling eachother before we got to know a secret that we
are not the only children he have that we have elder sis my mum herself couldn’t believe
what she heard because she vowed not to marry a married man she confirmed and was
true we have nothing to do because we all depend on him but our life got rumbled the
day that woman(my dad first wife)knows he was sponsoring us she warned him and she
warned us too but we never listen until the first born for my mum was terribly sick and we have to go to a pastor place but we were told she’s(my step mother)the one under
it,we tried our best on my elder bro life but we lost him,what again?we need to move on
we stop calling my dad but we suffered we pushed a little bit but we can’t cope we
started calling him again until same thing that happens to my elder brother happens to
my immediate brother again and what makes my family a mysterious family is that we

never listen until it happens to my mum I need to take her to another pastor because the
first pastor seems not working out but I received the heart break of my life one morning I
got to where my mum was I guess what I saw my step mum gisting with the pastor i
was freezed I went to my mum straight I carried her the way I could they both laugh at
me my dad was not involved again she was left with me and my younger brother who
have to be the last born of my mum,we carried my mum to another pastor and the man
prayed for her started treating her but no improvement I left her in the man place for a
week to look for money to buy her things but the most sadden part of it I can ever
imagined was that I saw this same woman at this same new pastor place playing I
rushed to where my mum was to carry her the way I did the first time but it was too late
she’s gone,she gave up already …….all that could come out of my mouth was SUFFER
FOR NOTHING ….I thought of her seeing us prosper but she said she’s tired and left us
alone and that makes the last born involved in an accident because we were trying our
best to live and we sell things at the road side and he was involved in an accident and
which makes the second born commit suicide and the whole family left the world for the
father,his wife and children…..I ask the narrator where the father and his family are now I
was told they now live in Chicago…

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As the listener and writer I even cried bitterly then I
only have a lesson I can share in this and that is NEVER COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR LIFE

About writer: my names are. ADELEKE OLUWATUMININU ABIGEAL popularly known as TRIZZY TILLINIAN 

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