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This is Nigeria but not the Nigeria we deserve, desire and want. The hideous creature represents “CORRUPTION”. The graveyard represents “NIGERIA” which was a beautiful garden and once blossomed in the eyes of Many. Corruption

thinks it has killed Nigeria but the “upraised” hand shows that there is still “HOPE” for Nigeria just like a

wrestler who kicks off in a wresling match.

Although “JUSTICE, PEACE” have both been buried, Nigeria still strives to progress as it is the only sign

of survival amongst its counter-parts. We struggle to progress as a home and as a country. We struggle to rise from

developing to being developed.

The “clouds” and the “thunder” represents “TROUBLE”. There is trouble in the country that even the white in

the flag which represents peace has been shattered. The “HAMMER” in the hand of the Monster represents”AUTHORITY”. This hammer however is coloured “GREEN and WHITE” which also is the colour of the Nigerian flag. This shows clearly

that Nigerians are the ones killing Nigeria. Since the hammer represents authority, who then holds the hammer and has

successfully taken justice and peace to the grave? Nigeria strives to progress as a home and country but we can never

until corruption leaves our land.

Peering into the future, she finally kills corruption. The molested, raped, violated victim “NIGERIA” has finally

taken her revenge on the enemy, Corruption. Slowly corruption dies and slowly the sun rises again. The tensed cloud

is now becoming calm and so we see that life has started coming back to the country thus: the dead leaves are getting

green again.

This is Nigeria and the Nigeria we deserve, desire and want, where every ill thing that affected and affecting our dear

country is being terminated. Corruption, Terrorism, Poverty, Disunity and so on is no more. There is peace in the cloud

as the sun shines bright. Our dear flag is raised to signify VICTORY and the land is Green again.

The buildings shows us in a developed state and the molested, raped, violated victim finally stands VICTORIOUS. This will

be more than a fantasy and Someday, and someday it will be fantastically TRUE. Nigeria will Stand again. The giants of Africa stand again. Long live Nigeria. Happy independence from Crazy concept pictures.



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