Did Adam and Eve Actually get Married like Christians Claim? (Biblical Contradictions)

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Nowadays we see pastors referring to the story of Adam and Eve to back up their Point and Argument of Sex before Marriage and the ensurance of Marriage .

But does the story of Adam and Eve according to the Bible really support this?  You will find out soon.


My Point here is far more basic: Where, exactly, does the bible story ever say that Adam and Eve were married?
They certainly did not get married in anything like the way we regard marriage in our contemporary society today.
They had no clergy around to conduct such a ceremony , and no one to serve as witnesses.
They never seem to have exchanged vows. The strongest claim we can make for their marriage, based on the story itself,  is that it was a kind of common-law arrangement.
In the story itself, Adam and Eve simply shacked up together. Although, of course, shacks — like clothing — had not yet been invented.
Neither had marriage, for that matter. All of these things — shacks, clothing, clergy, marriage, common law — are anachronisms we reflexively project back into the story. But none of them can be found there, and the story itself works hard to prevent us from expecting to find them in it.
The one place the story itself suggests that the relationship of Adam and Eve was something like a kind of marriage is in one verse,
Genesis 2:24: “Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife, and they become one flesh.”
Jesus himself cites this verse in Matthew 19 in response to the Pharisees’ questions about divorce. Clearly, then,
Jesus regarded that verse as a teaching about marriage.
I agree that it is, of course. That verse clearly is about marriage.
But even more clearly, that verse is not about Adam and Eve. It explicitly does not and cannot apply to them.
Adam, the story tells us, adamantly, did not have a father and mother. Adam did not “leave his father and mother
and cling to his wife.” Adam, rather, chose to cling to Eve after first evaluating “every animal of the field
and every bird of the air” as potential partners first.
Genesis 2:24 is an aside — a parenthetical comment to the reader declaring one “moral of the story,” but not a part of the story itself.
That “moral of the story” is that we non-Edenic readers should “therefore” leave our parents and cling to our spouses just like Adam and Eve did in their relationship.
The timing and placement of this aside seems well-chosen. The storyteller wants to be clear that the clinging to one another bit is the important part,
lest anyone get the idea that the prior consideration of all the beasts and birds should be the takeaway lesson here. (“Therefore, a man leaves his father and his mother and gets himself a dog to see if that makes him happy.”)
Even there, though, in this explicit address to the reader, the story does not name or characterize that
relationship of Adam and Eve as a marriage. (Nor does Jesus’ citation of that verse in Matthew 19.)

The story makes it very, very difficult for anyone to do that.
And yet Christians do do that. They’ve been doing that for centuries — turning to the story of Adam and Eve to validate the essence and importance of marriage.
That’s an odd move. It’s not wholly mistaken, in that the story itself includes
that editorial aside inviting us to reflect on what the relationship of Adam and Eve in this story can teach us about
the later invention of marriage.
But if we turn to the story itself, on its own terms, and ask what it tells us about “marriage before the Fall,” then what it seems to tell us is this:
Marriage did not yet exist. There was not yet any such thing as “marriage” in Eden.


Thanks for Reading. So Now i think you have enough Valid Point to correct your Pastor or a Preacher who tries to Bamboozle you with the Story Of Adam and Eve in Relation to Marriage .

You had better tell him to look for another Verse in the Bible Instead.

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More Write-ups Critically Evaluating the veracity of Religion and Religious Leaders to be posted soon . Stay Tuned



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