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I would not be lying if I said the business of bulk SMS is the mother of all businesses. Yes! You heard me right. Now let’s reason together just like the Holy Bible says in one of its books, the growth of your business determines how successful your business is. If you agree with me on this, then what’s the secret? Customer retention.

There are thousands of breakthrough business marketing strategies that preach the gospel of customer retention but one stands out; effective communication strategies. In a highly competitive market that we are in today, you need to keep the flow of communication between you and your customer alive. This is the only way you will increase your customer base and in return, catalyzes the growth of your business and bulk SMS is that communication tool you need.

What Then Is The Gospel Of Bulk SMS?

A medium of communication via short messaging services that provides instant delivery, covers millions of audience and at the same time, cost-effective. I am fully sure you wouldn’t want to bore your customer with calls because it is not cost-effective. Also, you wouldn’t want to try sending emails when an average customer is not internet interactive. So think about it, how then would you reach millions of your customers in a short while with rapid delivery and cost consideration?

At this juncture, it may interest you to know that an average human prefers to read text messages and be told what to do because it sticks to the brain. How true and realistic is this you ask me? You can forget what you were told but SMS gives you the avenue to have it saved on your mobile.

The beep alone gives you an excitement as an average Nigerian is most drawn to it since that is the fastest medium of a bank alert notification. In a banking industry, as a customer, which would you appreciate in being called by your customer care to be informed of your new pin or rather have your pin texted to you via SMS. Have you ever imagined how much valuable your customer feels when seasons greetings and information reach them using bulk SMS services? You have no cause for alarm and reason to worry. As an extra package, guess what? It’s cost-effective.

Now let me ask you, when you have a medium at which you pass out information rapidly to millions of audience – When you pass out information without getting to spend much of a fortune – When you have the capacity to pass out your information to your target market – When there is no fear of delays and little or no technical know-how is required- what happens to your business? You need no voodoo to tell you that the growth of your business would be catalyzed, kudos to bulk sms.

I am very sure you now agree with me that my earlier assertions of bulk SMS being the mother of all businesses cannot be falsified. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and grow your business by expending the power of bulk SMS services as your information channel.

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