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Mitch recovers from the mysterious bomber, while the NYPD does their own investigation on their bomb. While Jamie helps one Clementine, the other Clementine begins questioning Mitch. Jackson is hiding under the name Dylan Green as Jackson Oz is being hunted. Abe and Dariela continue to study the mysterious blood sample from the Jackson, until a Razorback hybrid attacks drawn by the blood sample that has transformed into a fetus. Logan finds a mysterious device left behind by the stranger. Logan’s investigation leads him to Jackson. Clementine asks Mitch about Blue Diaspora. Jamie’s Clementine discovers a secret chamber in Jamie’s plane containing a caged Mansdale. Clementine and Jamie attack the facility. Abe tries to save the fetus but it is taken by the Razorbacks. Jackson gets a threatening message from the mysterious woman. While trying to escape, Mitch is confronted by both Clementines, but finds the real one because of her memento of a parking ticket. Jackson discovers thru Logan that the bomber’s name is Abigail and she is his sister. Abe and Dariela are visited by soldiers who abduct Issac along with numerous children as part of a protocol by Rieden Global. We find out Clementine is pregnant.



Abe and Dariela realize a new executive order has been to quarantine any children under
"Dragonstone" is the first episode of the seventh season of HBO's fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 61st overall.
Zoo is an American drama television series based on the 2012 novel of the same name by James Patterson and Michael
Van Gogh is revealed to be the one shot by A&W, having become skeptical of
Michael's party is rescued by a fishing boat that takes them to Marseilles, France, where


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