(Download) Empire Season 3 Episode 16 “Absent Child”

The Lyons confront the DuBois clan, but they deny having anything to do with what happened to Bella. Hakeem and Anika subsequently discover that their daughter has been removed from state custody, and the Lyons realize that they must unite as a family to win her back. Lucious and Jamal continue to fight over the direction of their respective albums. Andre goes to kill Anika, but spares her out of pity for Bella. Hakeem’s online followers stage a public demonstration against the DuBois family. Leah reminds Lucious that he can’t be a good father since he isn’t even a good person. She later brings him a box of mementos from his father, comparing his death with what might have happened if Jamal hadn’t been shot. The two men reconcile and record their first song together. Cookie has Shine and his men abduct and torture Angelo for Bella’s location, but it fails. In turn, Diana reveals that she has adopted Bella as a DuBois.


Empire Season 3 Episode 16 “Absent Child”

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