(Download) Empire Season 3 Episode 15 “Civil Hands Unclean”

Both Lucious and Jamal struggle to finish their albums. Snoop Dogg, as one of Empire’s Vegas partners, persuades the former to put his son on Inferno, but he refuses. Angelo has the fire marshal shut down Leviticus for “safety violations”. Cookie, angered by Lucious’s relationship with Giuliana, persuades Andre and Shine not to kill Lucious, but instead reap the profits from his Vegas show. Snoop informs Empire that his investment advisor, who told him to block the deal, is Ezekiel DuBois. Cookie tries to talk to Angelo, but it becomes clear he and Diana want to go to war with the Lyons. Jamal, seeing a chance to take the high road, offers Angelo a large charitable donation to make peace. Hakeem composes a new song, “Elevated”, to prove he can be a father. Lucious, Jamal, and Cookie agree to combine their efforts for Vegas, but the moment is shattered when Child Protective Services arrive to take Bella.


DOWNLOAD Empire Season 3 Episode 15 “Civil Hands Unclean”

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