Common lies we Nigerians tell ourselves

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That Nigeria was once a great
a country:
It is common to hear
Nigerian’s make statements
like “our country will be great
again”. This comment is quite
Nigeria, to the best of my
knowledge has never been a
great country. You may try to
pass of some of our
characteristics like population,
ethnicity or the fact that we
used to have groundnut
pyramids in the past as
greatness but reasonably,
these things don’t make you
Examples of countries that
were great are China and
Argentina. They were both
known to be highly prosperous
countries in the past and
unfortunately lost their
prosperity as time went by.
Nigeria has never been known
to be a prosperous country
since its independence till
That Nigeria is a rich country:
This is another unfounded
untruth that is perpetuated by
some ignorant Nigerians. The
“GDP per capita” is the
standard used in measuring
how rich a country is. Nigeria’s
GDP per capita currently
stands at 3000 dollars. This
makes Nigeria a low income
country and one of the poorest
countries in the world.
That Nigeria is more developed
than most countries in Africa:
Some Nigerians who have
never been beyond the
boundaries of Lagos and Abuja
would think there are fewer
places in Africa that are better
than these places (and Nigeria
as a whole) in terms of
infrastructure and economic
Recent ratings from the World
Economic Forum’s global
competitiveness report shows
that even in West Africa,
certain countries like Cote
D’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Cape
Verde and Senegal all have
better infrastructure ratings
than Nigeria.
Honestly speaking, Nigerians
have a myopic view as to what
true socio-economic growth
and development entails.
Seeing private jets and
luxurious cars as development
while majority of the populace
cannot afford beyond the basic
necessities of life isn’t
That Nigeria would develop
and be great: Although we
can’t predict the future, we can
judge from history and the
current state of affairs to
project what the future would
look like.
The possibility of Nigeria
becoming great with its current
structures, constitution and
institutions is very slim.
The current socio-political and
economic regime that
perpetuates greed, rent-
seeking, injustice and laziness
will not get this country where
is plans to be.
Until we begin to call for a
structural and systemic
change, Nigeria may not
witness any progress in the


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